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    2016-7-22  numerous sensible circumstances, lead time can he reduced by an additional crashing cost; in other words, it is controllable, so in this article, we have considered the lead time crashing cost is an exponential function of lead time. A solution procedure is developed to find the optimal solution.

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    of setup cost, inventory holding cost, and lead time crashing cost, subject to a constraint on service level is expressed as MinEAC Q,L AD Q h Q 2 r −Dμ 1 −β E X−r D Q C L, subject to E X−r Q ≤α, 3.1 where E X−r is the expected number of shortages at the end of the cycle. Read More

  • Inventory Models Involving Lead Time Crashing Cost

    Here, we consider the lead time crashing cost is an exponential function of lead time, and the order processing cost and lost sales rate are logarithmic functions of capital investment.

  • Inventory Models Involving Lead Time as a Decision ...

    2017-12-20  In certain cases, lead time can be reduced but at an added cost. In this article we discuss inventory models where lead time is one of the decision variables. Keywords: crashing cost , inventory model , lead time

  • The application of EOQ and lead time crashing cost

    The application of EOQ and lead time crashing cost models in material with limited life time (Case study: CN-235 Aircraft at PT Dirgantara Indonesia) Yosi Agustina Hidayat, Aprilia Ria Kasanah and Titah Yudhistira. Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 114, conference 1

  • A fuzzy random periodic review system with variable

    Here the lead-time crashing cost has been assumed to be a negative exponential function of the lead-time length. By means of a numerical example, it is observed that the nature of the result obtained tallies with the results obtained for the fuzzy random periodic review model. Further, incorporating a lead-time crashing cost leads to lower ...

  • Supply chain integrated inventory model with present

    Actually, lead time can be reduced by an additional crashing cost, so as to improve customer service level, and reduce inventory in safety stocks; in other words, it is controllable. Over the last few decades, there has been a wealth of research considering with variable lead time.


    2019-9-27  INVENTORY MODELS INVOLVING LEAD TIME CRASHING AND STOCK OUT COST AS AN EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION Halton Novanta (NPM: 2016881003) Advisor: Yoon Mac Kinley Aritonang, Ph.D Magister of Industrial Engineering

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    This may lead to a project that must be done faster than anticipated. This is an example of reducing project duration caused by ... Improve cost-time crashing success. C. ... there will always be an optimum cost-time point where the total cost of the project is less than it was when the project was initially planned under normal conditions.

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    AbstractIntroductionCrash AnalysisConclusionProject management is about optimizing time, cost, and quality performance on projects. These three variables are intrinsically linked. Changes in requirements of these variables frequently occur and the project manager has to be able to re-plan the project accordingly and provide revised estimates for the linked variables.In practice the most common requirement for project re-planning calculations concern time and cost. Clients often ask for projects to be speeded up and need to know how muc...